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    Give 10 is a local initiative to inspire charitable connections, celebrate philanthropy and build a stronger Larimer County.

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"We may call it by different names: giving, gratitude, giving back, doing more.  But we're all lockstep with wanting to do something good.  Give 10 cultivates our collective power." - Pat Stryker, Founder of Bohemian Foundation



Join Us

Give 10 brings donors together to network, and build our collective charitable "know-how." We invite you to join our network of giving. 

What's Next?

Our goal is to grow the number of households and businesses involved in Give 10 while staying connected to individual insights and preferences. To help us achieve these objectives, we will integrate new Give 10 features.

The Secret is Giving

By creating Bohemian Foundation, I have an extraordinary opportunity to financially support local nonprofits in the important work they do.

GIVE 10 EMERGING LEADERS cultivates the next generation of Larimer County philanthropists
through a 3-year commitment to incrementally “grow” their charitable emerging leaders side quote 01
giving into an annual $10,000 gift. Donors who participate in Give 10 Emerging Leaders are offered an exclusive one-time $10,000 Bohemian Foundation matching grant upon completion of their three-year giving commitment. 

Emerging Leaders are donors who see philanthropy as an active element of wealth management. Potential Give 10 emerging Leaders are often younger (in comparison to past trends), diverse, and generally want to "fully engage" with their giving.

Who is a Give 10 Emerging Leader? Colleagues, board members, family members, and local business owners. Emerging Leaders engage in their charitable giving—not only are they donors, they are volunteers, board members, community advocates. They want to get to know their recipient organizations and grow their giving. 


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PARTICIPATION IN EMERGING LEADERS begins with charitable gifts, the first calendar year, totaling $5,000 to Larimer County nonprofit organizations:

  • Donors contribute $7,500 to Larimer County charities in year two.
  • Donors contribute $10,000 or more to Larimer County charities in year three
  • Once donors meet the year-3 challenge, their participation is recognized with an exclusive one-time matching gift of $10,000 awarded to a Larimer County nonprofit—or spilt between two—of their choice. 

Starting with $5,000, three years of giving becomes $32,500. And, a tradition of giving has begun—building a stronger Larimer County, together!


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AS EMERGING LEADERS increase their giving, Give 10 aims to also expand their charitable connections and philanthropic experience. During participation, Give 10 provides donors with charitable giving resources as well as opportunities to meet and mingle with like-minded givers.

While all giving is encouraged and valued, some donations are not eligible for recognition within Emerging Leaders, including in-kind donations, ticket and auction item purchases, event-related sponsorships and underwriting, and contribution of goods and services. Contributions to tuition-based private schools, political campaigns, donor advised funds, scholarships, private endowments, churches or to fulfill personal obligations and/or prior charitable pledges are also ineligible.

Created in 2007, Give 10 Emerging Leaders currently has over 145 giving partners. 145 Give 10 Emerging Leaders giving $22,500 each is over $3,000,000 in community giving. Plus, 145 Give 10 added matching gifts is $1,450,000. The Give 10 Emerging Leaders/Bohemian Foundation partnership is giving almost $5,000,000 toward a stronger Larimer County.